Fees are much lower than the recommended fee set by The Australian Psychological Society of $260 per 1 hour. The consultation fees at Melbourne Metro Psychology with Dr Peter Eide are:

$170.00 business hours appointments (9am to 5pm).
$190.00 after hours appointments (5pm to 7pm and Saturday mornings).

All fees are payable at the time of consultation or for Skype sessions payable prior to the session. No referral is required unless you wish to claim on Medicare.

Low-Cost Counselling

Melbourne Affordable Psychology Inc is a not-for-profit organisation offering low-cost counselling. This service was developed for people on a Health-Care Card, pensioners, students, refugees, migrants, have no more Medicare sessions, and those that can not afford the gap payment.

Treatment is provided by provisional psychologists completing an Internship Program.  These psychologists are graduates completing their sixth year of professional training in order to gain full registration with the Psychology Board of Australia.  As part of their training, the provisional psychologist  is required to have weekly supervision to discuss their work with their supervisors whom are all registered psychologists.

Fees will be on a sliding scale of $0 – $40.00. These fees are heavily subsidised and are not claimable from private health insurance or Medicare.

To book an appointment for low-cost counselling please click here or email.

Cancellation fee

A cancellation fee will be charged if you give less than 24 hours notice of cancellation. Practice expenses need to be covered and your appointment could be allocated to another person if you give enough notice.


A session lasts for approximately one hour.